We are hosting a lunch at the fabulous Withies Inn, Compton, Surrey, GU3 1JA on Friday 20th March. This is the Friday before the 73 Members Meeting at Goodwood, so if you are travelling down to Sussex that day do get booked in and join us for a classic car meet and lunch. Call 01483 281 282 email thomas@classicgt.co.uk

A few more details about Friday:

The patron at the Withies Inn has reserved us their parking area just in front of the pub itself. There is plenty of time to have a drink and talk around the cars. Remember arrival time from 12pm.

We have an seating area in the bar where there will be both a curry & a chilli with all the usual accompaniments provided and a salad. This will be a buffet style so you can help yourself when you are ready to eat. For dessert there is apple pie and ice cream. I will arrange the payment with the pub, so if you can pay me £20 a head on the day. I have asked Tom Gidden Photography to come down on the day so I can send you all a nice picture of your car after the event. Look forward to seeing you there.

Here is the list of runners and riders so far….

Dr Dave Richards                                              Vauxhall Ventora

Gervase Hulbert                                                Jaguar E-Type

Charles Scott                                                    Jaguar E-Type/MG C

Terry Richards                                                   AC Aceca

Richard Powell                                                  Lotus 7/Porsche 911

Debbie Mitchell & Tina Murphy                           Mercedes Benz SL

Vince Wright                                                     Ferrari 328 GTS

Joel Mutton & Mark Blade                                  tbc

Mark Rivron                                                      Jensen Interceptor

Tristan Scrivens                                                 Jaguar E-Type

Rupert Bravery                                                  tbc

Stuart Talbot                                                     Porsche 944

Jazz Singh Makavelli                                         tbc

Jude Haig                                                         tbc

Hannah Burgess                                                Alfa Romeo 1600 Junior/Mercedes AMG

Thomas Brimblecombe                                      Something of interest!

Martin Overington                                              Something of interest!

withies inn