The Brooklands museum has always been a favourite of ours, whether we are exhibiting at the Double 12 Festival, having a meeting in the members bar or simply having a wander around the many exhibits. We visited recently to inspect the Vickers suite which has been recently opened as their newest hospitality unit. The new room is housed in the same building as the impressive Stratospheric chamber and the legendary Barnes Wallis R&D department.

Whilst on this recent visit we took the opportunity to try the new 4D Napier Railton experience, which is great fun and well worth trying for a feeling of what it was like to pilot a 24 litre beast around a bumpy banked circuit. We then walked across to Concorde…as you do! It isn’t until  you are climbing the steps to board the amazing this aircraft that you get a sense of what an incredible machine it is. The captain talked us through the list of statistics that Corncorde achieved during it’s time in service….consider for a moment a sub 3 hour flight from the UK to the USA with 100 passengers aboard….at twice the speed of sound. Quite something.

One of the amazing things about Brooklands is you you rund into, on this occasion we met Tiff Needell, who we are hoping to do some more with later in the year. In summary Brooklands gets better and better and is well worth a visit but it needs your support so give it a try.