This webpage is designed to provide any necessary up to date information and advice as we draw closer to the Brexit departure date. We advise that before travelling, you also check official government advice sites such as; GOV.UK - Brexit Website - 


March 29th came and went, so does Brexit mean Brexit after all? - Perhaps not until October 31st (at least). 

With the Brexit date being postponed it's business as usual for CGT. We've successfully run 3 tours since March 31st with two being on the continent. Despite the fact that we faced no disruption to our plans at all, some customers still show concern when considering European holidays with the uncertainty of what might lie ahead, but the good news is, for now, everything remains the same.

As a UK traveller considering a trip to Europe this Summer/Autumn:

- When driving in the EU, you will not need an International Driving Permit, and if you are taking your own car, you won’t need a Green Card for insurance.

- You will still have access to state medical care in any EU country as long as you have an up to date European Health Insurance Card.

- You will be able to move through UK ports and airports, as usual, using the EU/EEA passport gates.

- All consumer rights and benefits from EU laws will also remain including airline compensation for cancellation or delays, and the ability to use your mobile phone abroad without additional charges.

What about after October 31st?
If the Government agrees on a deal on or before October 31st, the UK will then enter a transition period and everything will continue to remain the same and you can continue to travel as you do now.

There is still a possibility that the UK could leave the EU at the end of October without a deal but as written in our January update, Ferry companies and the Eurotunnel (our two most common forms of transport for reaching the continent) insist that there will be minimal disruption to services. We, of course, will continue to update this information as soon as it becomes available to us however if you would like to discuss anything in greater detail, please don't hesitate to call us.

This update has been written with assistance and information from ABTA (The Association of British Travel Agents).


Brexit: Are travellers right to be concerned about travelling close to or soon after the Brexit date? - We think, perhaps not. 

We're now on the cusp of one of the most significant changes as a country in recent history, Brexit. The uncertainty of Brexit is set to potentially affect many aspects of our day to day lives but more so, our ability to travel overseas with the ease that we currently have... but are people right to be worried?

According to independent travel expert Simon Calder, crossing the channel by train or sea is currently the better option for travelling to Europe soon after March 29th due to more advance planning and infrastructure being in place than with flights and airlines.

Classic Grand Touring is aware that regardless of the outcome, be that a soft Brexit, a hard Brexit or a no deal Brexit there is still some uncertainty about just how our ferry ports and Eurotunnel terminals will deal with the movement of tourists hoping to enjoy a driving holiday soon after March 29th 2019.

When asked if check-in and boarding would be slower following the Brexit date Brittany Ferries gave the following statement; "We're working hard with our port partners to ensure our port operations are primed and ready to welcome this additional and essential traffic. There is nothing to suggest these changes to our operations will slow down checking in or embarkation."

Eurotunnel is saying much the same thing reminding customers that they are obliged as an operator to continue transporting customers between France and the United Kingdom 'come what may until 2086' so we, therefore, hope to enjoy the service that we've been used to even after March 29th.

Of course, despite the very positive assurances from suppliers, with the multiple complexities of Brexit there are always some uncertainties too, and so, all tours currently planned around late March/early April are being planned with extra consideration for boarding and travel times. We have a very strong relationship with both Eurotunnel and Brittany Ferries and we will continue to correspond with them for advice closer to our departure dates for any essential advice.

We, Classic Grand Touring, have made a conscious decision to continue to plan and run tours soon after the Brexit date with the faith that we will be operating 'as per usual' with the same standard and quality that can be expected for all of our tours. Naturally, if you would like to discuss specific tours in greater detail, we remain on hand to answer any additional questions you might have.

To read more about the statements from Brittany Ferries please see their dedicated website: 

For customers looking forward to travelling with the Eurotunnel, a helpful page featuring various links to FAQ's has been built including a very informative video which can be viewed here: 

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