Competing in the 2014 Travel Trade Crusade #ttc14 as the ‘GT Racer’s’ in a classic Audi 100 saloon

17 teams entered the 2014 Travel Trade Crusade in a variety of weird and wonderful vehicles from a series 2 Land Rover, a mirror ball MGF to a toy covered Ford Focus. The rally raised nearly £20k for the teams nominated charities. The rally covered 5 countries in three days.

The GT Racer’s nominated charity is Mission Motorsport, the forces charity. The team consists of Classic Grand Touring MD Thomas Brimblecombe, Tim Hutton from AutoTweetup fame & Superluxe magazine and John Marcar events and logistics expert at Gumball 3000, oh and not forgetting Lord Flashheart the Mission Motorsport monkey.

Travel Trade Crusade

The real star of the show was the £300 1986 Audi 100, bagging the team 20 points straight away in the TTC14 stakes, for costing less than £500. What better way to traverse across Europe than in Audi’s games changing super saloon that boasted a drag coefficient of 0.30.

The rally started on Friday 11th July and takes in 5 countries in three days and you can see the team’s progress by the following means:

Twitter               @classicgt



instagram          classicgt



If there are any Audi 100 fans out there the car is now for sale. Call Tim on 07788 177555 and make him an offer!

All the teams in this the last ever Travel Trade Crusade are raising money for charity. The GT Racer’s charity of choice in Mission Motorsport – The forces charity with the motto ‘Race Retrain Recover’ they are doing fabulous work placing ex forces guys affected in various ways by war into jobs within the motorsport industry.